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Mercury Bay (Whitianga) to Waitomo

9 Sep

September 1, 2011 (in NZ)

Today, we made our way to the Karangahake Scenic Reserve where we started the morning off with a quick hike – I think everyday should start like this. It was so refreshing!

Then, we made our way to what was probably one of my favourite experiences of the trip (and well worth it!) – the Black Water Rafting experience. I did the Labyrinth option which was caving and tubing through the Waitomo Caves. We jumped off of tiny waterfalls with our tubes and then when the water would calm we would coast along and if you looked up you could see glow worms!

We stayed at the YHA Kiwi Paka – I loved it because we had 3 people in a room and lots of space for once!


Auckland to Mercury Bay (Whitianga)

8 Sep

August 31, 2011 (in NZ)

I hopped on the KIWI bus and began my journey. I was the 3rd person to be picked up – and oddly enough – the other two were Canadians! We had a little West Coast/East Coast rivalry going on (Apparently, Ontario gets grouped into the East Coast???)  We did a quick hike to to Cathedral Cove (side), which is only accessible on foot or by kayak. We also visited a Hot Water Beach where the temperatures of the water can reach 64 degrees Celsius! Basically, you dig a hole in the sand and it fills up with water. Some of the first holes we dug were cold water, but eventually we found water so hot you couldn’t really stand in it. Groups of people would dig big pools and just lie around in them – ours was too hot to even keep your feet in! We stayed a a small hostel along the way – comfy beds and yummy spaghetti!

And Whitianga is pronounced “fit-e-anga” or something like that. Duly noted.


The beginnings of my first solo trip

30 May

I have always wanted to travel around. Finally, I’ll get a chance in September when I head off to New Zealand and Australia. While I’m so excited, to the point where I can’t sleep because all I’m thinking of is this trip, I tiny part of me is also afraid. I’ve never done a solo trip this far – it’s literally on the other side of the world! I know Australia’s pretty safe, but still, the thought of travelling alone scares me a bit. This could either work out to be amazing or it could flop completely. I guess that’s normal and the fear won’t go away until I’m actually there. I imagine it’s like how I was terrified to start driving, but once I got used to it, it wasn’t so scary. Here’s to hoping things are like that. Still having second thoughts about this whole trip though. Maybe I shouldn’t go, maybe I should wait till I secure a full-time job, maybe I should go somewhere closer and cheaper. Maybe it’s one of those things where you just have to hold your breath and jump and hope you make the landing. It’ll be worth it, not scary at all, and probably the best trip I’ll have been on to date. Right? Right.