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It’s been a while

10 Sep

The year is literally almost over! I guess I failed at getting blog posts out more often. With September in full swing, things are getting busy again. Before I get swamped with classes and life, I want to share a bit about my experience this August with Impact Apprentice. I kinda feel like a dork for talking about this so much, but it was seriously an amazing experience.

Impact Apprentice is organized by the Impact Entrepreneurship Group. 32 participants were picked from across the country and they came to Toronto to compete in real life business challenges. I had a unique perspective as an Events Coordinator, but it was cool because I got to see things from both sides: an Events Coordinator and a Team Leader.

You can read more about the competition in this article published by the National Post, yes THE National Post: http://www.nationalpost.com/m/opinion/story.html?id=3487868 . You can also find video and more info at talentegg.ca. Of course, check out http://impact.org for details.

In that week, we made new friends, definitely pushed our limits (our team stayed up till 3-4am each morning, waking up around 7am each day just to get things done!) It was a ton of fun to help organize things and see everything come together over that week. Those 32 students are truly talented individuals who I’m sure will go on to run major Canadian businesses some day. I can’t wait to see what they become! I also have to say the same goes for our organizing team. They worked so hard to make things come together. While I only joined the team in July, everyone else was working on it for almost a year, so you know they’re dedicated!