Gen Y Employment

29 Jul

The Globe & Mail did a little video series discussing Gen Y & the Workforce with Lauren Friese. They also got some student perspectives through interviews with 3 unemployed students and recent graduates (I’m one of them).  Some key takeaways for employers are that they should be open to hiring students across the country rather than just the areas that they have offices – the internet makes this a lot easier! As students, we want to be challenged and given a chance to showcase our skills.

Meeting Heather and Leeann was definitely an eye-opening experience. As a business student, I spend most of my time surrounded by people who’ve studied the same things, think similarly, and tend to have similar career paths, so I didn’t realize just how different seeking employment is for Arts students. I think employers who overlook Arts students are really limiting themselves because having a diverse workforce can help a company to grow. You wouldn’t want an entire company of business and engineering grads. Having students who’ve studied in different programs really adds a new dimension when it comes to problem solving and creating solutions.

You can find the videos here!



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