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BMO Money Diaries #1

26 Oct

On of the projects that I’m working right now is with BMO and Cossette. Basically, BMO is going to give me $1000 to share my student woes and thoughts about saving money. I swear, out of everyone in our U of T group, I seem to be the SAVER! I’m also making three personal diaries to document this, which will be posted shortly. Let me know what you think! Can students and money get along?

Five students – five perspectives. All coming together to chat about how to financially survive the school year, share tips and tricks on how to make your money go further and — most importantly — how to break free from the bank of mom and dad.


Manchester Orchestra – I’ve Got Friends

25 Oct

Water, water everywhere

16 Oct

Turn on the tap, it’s easy to forget that 1.2 billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water around the world.  Children miss school due to illnesses caused by drinking unsafe water, which they had to miss school to get from wells or water sources kilometers away. Learn more at Free the Children here.

It’s tricky to think about how I would change this? I’m just one person, right? And while, change might not happen overnight, it’s important not to forget that we have a duty to do something – campaign, spread the word, tweet, volunteer, donate.